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Whether you’re hosting a Memorial Day cookout, a Father’s Day gathering, a 4th of July picnic, or a summer potluck, the potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, and baked beans are always crowd-pleasers. This collection of easy side dish recipes will complete your summer table!

Overhead image of gold serving utensils in a bowl full of the best classic pasta salad.

Burgers and hotdogs might be a given, but so are the baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, and fresh fruit at any warm-weather picnic. Choose from any of these delicious options for next gathering…

Square overhead shot of a pan of southern yellow squash casserole

Southern Squash Casserole

A classic Southern squash casserole is the perfect way to enjoy the bounty from your summer garden! The cheesy filling is topped with a buttery crumb topping for the ultimate family-friendly side dish recipe. Pair it with crispy fried chicken, grilled hamburgers, a pineapple glazed ham, pork bbq, or a Thanksgiving turkey!

Square featured image of an overhead shot of a white dish full of zucchini casserole

Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Casserole

This Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Casserole is an easy side dish recipe that pairs beautifully with just about any family meal! The old fashioned zucchini casserole recipe features fresh, shredded zucchini, garlic, and onion, with three types of cheese and a buttery, Parmesan breadcrumb topping. Serve the cheesy dish with grilled chicken, oven-fried pork chops, steak or shrimp. It’s versatile, and always a hit!

Close up square overhead shot of a bisquick zucchini pie

Zucchini Pie

Are you on zucchini overload? Don’t miss this easy zucchini pie, which is the most delicious way to enjoy fresh summer produce! With only 10 minutes of prep, you can have a fancy and tasty side dish to serve with grilled steak, fried chicken, or pork chops, or a vegetarian entrée that you can pair with a simple green salad for a satisfying meal that will satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

Square featured image of a southern tomato pie

Southern Tomato Pie

A savory Southern Tomato Pie is a classic summer recipe! Pair it with a side salad for a light entrée, or serve it as a side dish at your next cookout. The combination of sweet tomatoes, Vidalia onions, melted cheese and fresh herbs in a buttery crust is the perfect way to enjoy the season’s best produce!

Square close overhead shot of old fashioned southern style green beans.

Southern Style Green Beans

Southern style green beans simmer slowly on the stovetop with bacon and onions until the fresh green beans are tender, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious! These country-style vegetables are an easy side dish to serve with pan-fried pork chops, chicken fried steak, roasted chicken, or shrimp and grits.

Square image of a ladle serving homemade baked beans with bacon.

Homemade Baked Beans from Scratch

Skip store-bought cans, because you can’t beat the sweet, savory and smoky taste of homemade baked beans with bacon and molasses. The old-fashioned beans cook slowly in the oven for hours, developing a rich, thick sauce. Baked beans from scratch are the perfect side dish for your next cookout or potluck, and a simple lunch or dinner entrée when paired with cornbread!

Square overhead shot of calico beans in a white dish.

Calico Beans

The perfect potluck side dish or easy weeknight dinner! Grandma’s calico beans recipe comes together in about 15 minutes, can be prepped in advance, and feed a crowd. With ground beef, bacon, and onion in a sweet and savory sauce, the baked beans are delicious alongside a skillet of Southern cornbread, grilled hamburgers, pulled pork, and fried chicken.

Square overhead image of cowboy baked beans in a vintage enamelware pan.

Cowboy Baked Beans

Your new favorite potluck side dish or weeknight dinner — with just 15 minutes of prep! Loaded with bacon and beef in a sweet and tangy sauce, these cowboy baked beans are a quick, easy, crowd-pleasing addition to any meal.

Bowl of creamy corn dip with tortilla chips on the side

5-Minute Corn Dip

This cold, creamy and cheesy corn dip is the perfect party appetizer or side dish with dinner! Thanks to grated cheddar, zesty Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilies, green onions and Ranch seasoning, every bite is packed with flavor. Serve the easy fiesta corn dip with Fritos or tortilla chips and a cold drink for a fun, satisfying and crowd-pleasing dish. Best of all, the convenient make-ahead recipe is ready in just 5 minutes!

Square side shot of southern potato salad recipe served in a blue ceramic bowl.

Southern Potato Salad

A picnic or cookout would not be complete without this delicious Southern potato salad! The easy side dish is a crowd pleasing classic that pairs nicely with just about any entrée — from barbecue to burgers, steak, chicken, and ribs.

Overhead shot of hands holding a blue and white bowl of the best potato salad recipe

Easy Potato Salad Recipe

My grandmother’s easy potato salad recipe is a staple at almost every summer picnic, family cookout, and holiday celebration. Best of all, the crowd-pleasing side dish comes together with just 5 ingredients! Serve the red potato salad alongside an Easter ham, grilled burgers, or bbq chicken for a cool, creamy, and flavorful dish that’s always a hit.

Square overhead shot of a wooden bowl of the best traditional coleslaw recipe.

Traditional Coleslaw Recipe {KFC Copycat!}

This traditional coleslaw recipe features finely shredded cabbage and carrots that are tossed in a sweet, creamy, and tangy dressing. The classic side dish tastes just like the KFC coleslaw recipe! Serve it with fried chicken, pulled pork barbecue, fried shrimp, crab cakes, and cornbread.

Square overhead shot of vinegar coleslaw in a white ceramic bowl.

Vinegar Coleslaw

Sweet, tangy, crisp, and cool, this old-fashioned vinegar coleslaw is the perfect easy side dish to pair with savory entrees like pulled pork, barbecue ribs, grilled chicken, and fried fish. Serve it at your next cookout, potluck, or Sunday supper, because this popular Southern slaw is always a crowd favorite!

Square overhead image of hands serving a bowl of chinese ramen noodle coleslaw.

Chinese Ramen Noodle Coleslaw

I first tasted Chinese ramen noodle coleslaw at a church potluck almost 15 years ago, and I was instantly hooked. With crisp shredded cabbage and carrots, toasted almonds, and crunchy ramen noodles in a sweet and savory sesame dressing, the Chinese coleslaw is a perfect addition to almost any picnic, cookout, or family dinner.

Square close up side shot of creamy Dutch oven mac and cheese on a wooden spoon.

Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese

The easiest creamy Dutch oven mac and cheese recipe is ready on the stovetop in just 20 minutes! Even the pickiest little eaters will love the simple combination of tender pasta in a smooth cheddar sauce. It makes a great side dish or a satisfying meatless entree.

Square close up shot of creamy baked mac and cheese recipe

Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Ooey, gooey and oh-so-cheesy! This creamy, easy baked mac and cheese is the best mac and cheese recipe that you’ll ever taste. A made-from-scratch sauce with two different types of cheese creates the smoothest, richest, creamiest casserole. Kids and adults devour this old-fashioned, homemade side dish, which pairs nicely with everything from Thanksgiving turkey to Christmas ham, fried chicken, meatloaf, and pork chops.

Square featured image of homemade mac and cheese in a white baking dish

Duke’s Homemade Mac and Cheese

The best homemade mac and cheese recipe just happens to be one of the easiest, too! There’s no need to make a roux for this decadent dish, which gets its ultra-creamy, decadent cheese sauce from mayonnaise, sour cream, and two different types of cheese. Add a buttered garlic breadcrumb topping, and the baked mac and cheese is ready to enjoy. Serve it as a vegetarian dinner with a salad or other fresh veggies, or offer the cheesy casserole as a side dish with pulled pork, burgers, or fried chicken.

Square overhead shot of a bowl of cornbread salad.

Cornbread Salad

An old fashioned cornbread salad is a classic Southern side dish that’s perfect for summer potlucks, picnics, and cookouts. Chunks of cornbread come together with fresh veggies, smoky bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese in a mayonnaise-based dressing, which is delicious alongside burgers, fried chicken, and pork chops!

Square overhead shot of pasta salad with veggies and Italian dinner.

Classic Pasta Salad

A classic pasta salad recipe is a staple at just about every summer picnic! With noodles, fresh veggies, and Italian salad dressing, the easy vegetarian dish is perfect alongside grilled chicken, grilled salmon, marinated flank steak, shrimp, and grilled hamburgers.

Square overhead shot of a bowl of southern macaroni salad.

Southern Macaroni Salad

Nothing tastes better alongside grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, fried chicken, steak, or bbq chicken sandwiches than a cool and creamy Southern macaroni salad! With elbow pasta, crisp veggies, hardboiled eggs, and a sweet-and-tangy mayonnaise-based dressing, this easy side dish recipe comes together in minutes.

Square overhead shot of a bowl of shrimp pasta salad.

Aunt Bee’s Shrimp Pasta Salad

Full of simple and fresh ingredients, Aunt Bee’s Southern shrimp pasta salad has been a family favorite for decades! It’s the perfect side dish for your next cookout, an easy option for a weeknight dinner, or a refreshing make-ahead lunch. You’ll love the flavorful combination of peas, lemon, dill, and a creamy mayo dressing.

Overhead shot of a bowl of easy pasta salad

Easy Pasta Salad with Mayo

Full of fresh, flavorful ingredients, this easy pasta salad recipe is a popular side dish for picnics, potlucks, and cookouts. The creamy cold pasta salad starts with a bright, smooth dressing made with mayo, lemon, fresh basil, and garlic. Perfect for spring and summer entertaining!

Square overhead shot of a bowl of ham pasta salad

Ham Pasta Salad

Full of simple and fresh ingredients, this ham pasta salad is the perfect side dish for your next cookout, an easy option for a light weeknight dinner, or a refreshing make-ahead lunch. You’ll love the flavorful combination of peas, lemon, dill, and a creamy mayo dressing. Serve the cold ham and cheese pasta salad with grilled chicken, steak, pulled pork, cornbread, biscuits, or blueberry muffins.

Two wooden serving spoons in a bowl of chicken pasta salad with shrimp and pepperoni

Chicken Pasta Salad with Shrimp and Pepperoni

Full of simple and fresh ingredients, this chicken pasta salad with shrimp and pepperoni is the perfect side dish for your next cookout, an easy option for a light weeknight dinner, or a refreshing make-ahead lunch. You’ll love the flavorful combination of onions, bell peppers, celery, peas, pecans, herbs, and a creamy mayo dressing. Serve the cold pasta salad with mixed greens, focaccia, garlic bread, breadsticks, or a crusty baguette!

Square overhead image of tuna pasta salad in a white bowl.

Tuna Pasta Salad

Full of simple and fresh ingredients, this tuna pasta salad is the perfect side dish for your next cookout, an easy entrée for a weeknight dinner, or a refreshing make-ahead lunch. You’ll love the flavorful combination of peas, lemon, dill, and a creamy mayo dressing in this cold pasta salad with tuna fish!

Square overhead image of broccoli salad with grapes in a wooden bowl.

Broccoli Grape Salad

This broccoli grape salad is loaded with flavors and textures thanks to tender pasta, fresh veggies, juicy grapes, smoky bacon, and crunchy pecans all tossed together in a creamy dressing. It’s a perfect side dish for weeknight dinners, cookouts, potlucks, and holiday tables!

Close overhead shot of summer rice salad with fresh corn and bacon

Rice Salad with Corn, Bacon and Pimentos

This cold Rice Salad with Corn, Bacon and Pimentos is the perfect summertime dish! Tossed in a creamy buttermilk dressing, the salad is full of fresh herbs, smoky bacon, sweet corn, and fluffy, nutty rice. It’s a great side to pair with all of your grilled favorites, or a light main dish for quick lunches and dinners.

Square overhead shot of a bowl of marinated vegetable salad on a white table.

Marinated Vegetable Salad

No more boring iceberg lettuce! Mom’s marinated vegetable salad is a simple, flavorful, and healthy side dish to take advantage of fresh produce. Make it in advance and for a cool, crisp, and refreshing addition to just about any potluck, picnic, or weeknight dinner.

Square overhead featured image of a cucumber tomato onion salad in a white bowl with wooden serving spoons

Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad

All of the best summer produce! This cucumber tomato onion salad is an easy side dish that highlights the red, juicy tomatoes and the crisp, cool cucumbers of the season. Dressed with fresh basil, olive oil, and vinegar, it’s a simple and healthy recipe that you can stir together in minutes. Serve it with grilled hamburgers, fried chicken, pulled pork, pasta, or fresh seafood!

Close overhead shot of the best carrot salad recipe in a blue and white bowl

Carrot Salad

Grated carrots, pineapple, and raisins come together with a creamy dressing in this sweet and savory carrot salad that’s ready in about 15 minutes! The simple and easy side dish recipe is a perfect addition to just about any meal, picnic, or potluck. Serve it alongside grilled chicken, bbq pork chops, an Easter ham, a cozy casserole, or your favorite hamburgers!

Square image of hands serving a bowl of tomato salad

Tomato Salad with Basil and Balsamic

This quick and easy tomato salad recipe is the best way to highlight the natural flavor and sweetness of fresh summer tomatoes! Use cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, or larger Beefsteak tomatoes, stir in basil and red onion, then dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Serve the salad alongside grilled chicken, steak, pasta or seafood!

Overhead image of a blue and white bowl full of cucumber and dill salad recipe

Cucumber Dill Salad

Cool and refreshing Cucumber Dill Salad is the perfect summer side dish! You’ll love the combination of crisp cucumbers, onions and herbs tossed in a simple buttermilk dressing. Serve the easy, creamy salad with bbq chicken, burgers, pulled pork or grilled shrimp!

Square overhead shot of a bowl of three bean salad.

Three Bean Salad

This old-fashioned three bean salad recipe is an easy side dish that you can stir together in about 10 minutes — no cooking required! Pack it for picnics, bring it to a potluck, or offer it alongside a burger at your next cookout.

Square image of english pea salad in a white bowl with fresh flowers in the background.

English Pea Salad

This English pea salad is cool, crisp, creamy, and packed full of flavor! The crowd-pleasing, easy side dish has been a Southern favorite for generations. Serve it with a pineapple glazed ham for Easter, or pair it with grilled hamburgers and bbq chicken at your next summer cookout.

Square overhead shot of a blue and white platter full of fresh corn on the cob in the oven.

Corn on the Cob in the Oven

Buttery and sweet with a hint of garlic and finished with fresh herbs, this corn on the cob in the oven is the easiest and most delicious way to enjoy fresh summer vegetables! Pair the corn with grilled hamburgers, offer it alongside bbq chicken, serve it with Crock Pot pulled pork, or toss it into a cool Dorito taco salad.

Overhead image of corn tomato salad in a blue bowl with bacon on top

Summer Corn Salad

A light, fresh, and easy Summer Corn Salad is the perfect way to enjoy the season’s produce! Corn, tomatoes, bell pepper, red onion, smoky bacon and fresh herbs come together with a creamy mayonnaise and sour cream dressing. Serve the flavorful side dish with grilled BBQ chicken, hamburgers, fried chicken, pulled pork barbecue, fried shrimp, grilled steaks or crab cakes. It’s a potluck picnic favorite!

Close overhead image of a bowl of the best fruit salad recipe served in a white handmade bowl

Easy Fruit Salad with Vanilla Pudding

This easy fruit salad recipe comes together in just minutes, and is packed with fresh flavor! Pick your favorite in-season fruit — from strawberries, blueberries and peaches to bananas, apples or grapes — and toss everything in a bright, tangy dressing made with lime juice and vanilla pudding mix. The sweet, tart, refreshing side dish works well with waffles or egg casserole for brunch, with grilled chicken or burgers at a picnic, or even with ice cream as a light dessert.

Square side shot of honey lemon fruit salad dressing on a bowl of fresh berries.

Honey Lemon Fruit Salad Dressing

This quick and easy fresh fruit salad dressing is the perfect addition to any meal! Fresh berries are lightly glazed with a honey lemon simple syrup that is bursting with citrus flavor. It’s fast enough for a weekday morning, and special enough for entertaining.

Square side shot of mandarin orange jello salad.

Mandarin Orange Salad

A nostalgic holiday table wouldn’t be the same without Grandma’s mandarin orange salad! Whether you serve it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or your next Sunday supper, the combination of orange Jell-O, canned mandarin oranges, marshmallows, pecans, and fluffy Cool Whip yields a flavorful, old-fashioned fruit salad that’s always well received.

Classic Watergate Salad recipe in serving bowls

Watergate Salad

This vintage Watergate Salad recipe is a classic 5-minute side dish or easy dessert that has been loved for generations! The sweet, creamy, and fluffy pistachio salad with pineapple, coconut, pecans and maraschino cherries is a perfect treat for just about any occasion.

Square side shot of a slice of strawberry jello salad on a blue and white plate.

Strawberry Jello Salad

Isn’t this easy, 5-minute strawberry jello salad pretty? With an abundance of strawberries, peaches, and pineapple tucked inside, it’s a perfectly refreshing fruit salad for the warm months ahead!


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