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A vase of flowers by the kitchen sink
Credit: The Seasoned Mom

A well-appointed farmhouse kitchen is a comforting and family-friendly place. It should have all the supplies and tools you need to take advantage of local ingredients and cook your favorite meals. It doesn’t have to be old-fashioned or fussy–it just needs to work for you and the way you like to cook. 

For years, I’ve been sharing my recipes with readers who are inspired by our farmhouse life in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now, I’ve rounded up my farmhouse kitchen must-haves, including my favorite cooking tools and decor, to help you stock your own cozy kitchen with everything you need. Whether you’re making southern buttermilk biscuits or cheesy ground beef and potato casserole, this list of farmhouse kitchen must-haves will set you up for success.

Table of Contents

Serveware & Countertop Storage

1. Farmhouse Pottery Tall Coffee Mug

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Weston Table

Every farmhouse kitchen needs a set of tall, sturdy coffee mugs! I love these by Farmhouse Pottery, which are handmade in the United States. 

2. Napkin and Salt & Pepper Holders

Reminiscent of a barn door, these rustic wood and aluminum holders from Autumn Alley help keep the table looking neat and organized. 

3. Farmhouse Pottery Beehive Salt Cellar

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Anthropologie

This elegant little cellar gives you easy countertop access to salt while you’re cooking. Made from stoneware, the design helps keep sea salt dry and fresh. If you need to wash it, just pop it in the dishwasher. 

4. Pioneer Woman Cake Stand and Dome

farmhouse cake stand
Credit: The Seasoned Mom/Walmart

Every farmhouse kitchen should have a cake stand with a tray of baked goods under the dome (pound cake is the best choice since it keeps all week long). You never know when you’ll need a snack or when you’ll have pop-in visitors! I love this cake stand so much that I have it in both green and white. The quality is wonderful!

5. Stoneware Farmhouse Crocks

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Addison West

I love to find vintage crocks in local antique shops, but I also have a few of these new ones from Farmhouse Pottery. They’re great for flower arrangements and decor, but also for storing kitchen tools like wooden spoons, ladles, and spatulas.

6. Enamelware Butter Dish

Practical and stylish, this white enamel butter dish is the perfect companion to serving fresh bread, pancakes, toast, or waffles. Note that it should only be washed by hand.

7. Glass Storage Jars

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Amazon

These large storage jars are farmhouse kitchen must-haves that are ideal for storing essential baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, cornmeal mix, etc. I also use these chalkboard labels on them to eliminate any confusion.

8. Bread Warming Basket Set

farmhouse kitchen essentials
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Few things in this world are as comforting as bread that’s still warm from the oven. To help that toasty goodness last longer, this bread-warming set includes a basket and a terracotta plate that helps to retain heat. It can even be personalized with a date, word, or name that’s meaningful to you. 

9. Ceramic Cookie Jar

Ceramic Cookie Jars
Credit: Amazon

Whether you’re making lemon whippersnappers or snickerdoodles, you’ll want a charming jar to stash your cookies in. 

10. Wooden Egg Board

farmhouse kitchen essentials
Credit: Anthropologie

If you’re lucky enough to have access to fresh eggs, you’ll want a good way to store them. This egg board can hold a full dozen, and could also be used to serve hard-boiled or deviled eggs

11. Vintage-Style Bread Box

Best Bread Boxes
Credit: Amazon

A bread box is very useful, allowing just enough air to circulate around your loaf to keep it from going stale quickly. This one is very similar to the vintage bread box I own. It’s large enough to hold two typical loaves of bread, measuring 13.2 by 7.5 by 12.5 inches, and it looks great sitting on a kitchen counter. You can also check out my round-up of the best bread boxes for more great bread storage options!

12. Traditional Wire Fruit Baskets

Wire baskets are ideal for storing fruit on the countertop. You can also line one with a cloth napkin and use it to serve baked goods like rolls or blueberry scones.

13. Porcelain Cow Creamer

Even if you don’t drink milk in your coffee (or just don’t bother with putting it into a creamer), this cute cow deserves a home on your shelf. It can also be used to serve gravy and is oven-safe up to 350°F. I loved my mom’s cow creamer as a child, and now we have a couple in our own kitchen!

14. Two-Tiered Wooden Tray

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Target

A tiered tray is ideal for storing fruit, organizing spices, or serving desserts. You could even find uses for it outside the kitchen—use it to display perfume and jewelry or as a stand for small potted plants. 

15. Stoneware Dinner Collection

stoneware set
Credit: Pottery Barn

These moderately-priced kitchen stoneware items resemble hand-thrown, artisan ceramics and are available in white, sand, or blue. The tableware can be sold individually, or as a set of 12 pieces that includes dinner, salad, and appetizer plates, bowls, and mugs.

Essential Farmhouse Kitchen Cookware

16. Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: The Seasoned Mom

A high-quality, versatile Dutch oven is essential for any farmhouse kitchen. I own several, but the one made by Staub is the one I recommend the most. It’s made from enameled cast iron, so it’s durable and can withstand extremely high temperatures. 

17. Smithey Large Cast Iron Skillet

Smithey Double Handled Skillet
Credit: Smithey

Cast iron pans are farmhouse kitchen must-haves that I use all the time. A cast iron skillet is ideal for making dishes like country chicken and biscuits because you can use it on the stovetop and in the oven. This one from Smithey is extra large and can help you cook for a crowd. 

18. Lodge Small Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Small Cast Iron Skillet
Credit: Amazon

When you have fewer people to feed, a smaller cast iron pan is easier to carry and clean. The cast iron skillets from Lodge are a great value, come pre-seasoned, and can still go into the oven. It also earned a spot on my round-up of the best cast iron skillets because it’s my go-to pan for making cornbread!

19. Lancaster Cast Iron Seasoning

Cast Iron Seasoning
Credit: Amazon

These seasoning oil blends are farmhouse kitchen must-haves for any cast iron cookware that doesn’t come pre-seasoned and to help maintain your cookware. They’re made in the United States from a blend of safflower oil, grapeseed oil, and beeswax.

20. Stud Muffin Muffin Tin

Great Jones Stud Muffin Tin
Credit: Great Jones

I love this muffin tin for nice, even baking. Available in a blueberry or raspberry finish, they’re made with aluminized steel and have a non-stick coating that’s free from PFOA, PFAS, PTFE. 

21. Le Creuset Cast Iron Braiser

Le Creuset Cast Iron Braiser
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

I love this braiser from Le Creuset! It’s heirloom quality and has extra-large handles that make it easy to pick up while wearing oven mitts. 

22. Rachel Ray Farmhouse Cutting Board

Rachel Ray Wooden Cutting Board
Credit: Amazon

No list of farmhouse kitchen must-haves would be complete without a rustic wood cutting board. This one highlights the natural wood’s rich grain, and it has a loop that you can use to hang it up. Note that it’s best to wash this item by hand, so keep it out of the dishwasher. 

23. Staub Casserole Dish

best father's day gifts
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

A high-quality casserole dish is essential for making many of my favorite weeknight dinners, like dump-and-bake cheesy chicken and rice or chicken alfredo casserole. This one from Staub is my top choice for the best casserole dishes because it’s so durable and easy to clean. 

24. Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker

Crock Pot
Credit: Amazon

Stocking your farmhouse kitchen doesn’t mean avoiding handy modern appliances. A slow cooker is a convenient tool for all kinds of recipes, and you can’t go wrong with this classic programmable model from Crock-Pot. 

25. Le Creuset Pie Dish

Le Creuset Pie Dish
Credit: Amazon

Few things capture the comfort of country cooking quite like pie. This pie dish from Le Creuset is sturdy and high-quality and can be handed down for generations. 

26. Williams-Sonoma Pie Weights Jar

Williams-Sonoma Pie Weights
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Step up your baking game with pie weights, which help you blind-bake pastry crusts before adding the filling. The weights stop the pastry from puffing up too much, for a gorgeous bottom. Use them to make southern tomato pie

27. Stainless-Steel Sheet Pan

Hestan Provisions Stainless Steel Sheet Pan
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

A sheet pan with high edges is ideal for roasting anything that may produce liquid, like fruit. I also recommend getting an extra large pan to make sheet pan dinners (like sheet pan flank steak with crispy potatoes or maple glazed salmon sheet pan dinner), since it holds more than a regular baking sheet.

28. Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set

Wooden utensil set
Credit: Amazon

Wooden cooking utensils add a more rustic tone to the kitchen than plastic or silicone. I like this set, which is made with durable mango wood and is available in several colors. 

29. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Prime Day Kitchen Deals
Credit: Amazon

When it comes to stand mixers for bread dough, this one from KitchenAid is my top choice. I love how strong it is, and that it can tackle mixing dough for any recipe I want to make – saving me a lot of elbow grease. 

30. Large Earthenware Mixing Bowl

Mason Cash large mixing bowl
Credit: Amazon

Every farmhouse kitchen should have a giant mixing bowl! They’re ideal for homemade bread, as well as cakes, muffins, and other batters. A white one like mine goes with any decor, but a pop of color is fun, too.

Linens and Other Farmhouse Must Haves

31. Oven Mitt and Potholder

Williams-Sonoma Pot Holders
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

You need good protection for your hands to take hot pans out of the oven. This potholder and oven mitt set comes in two classic stripe options: pink or blue. 

32. Lodge Chain Mail Scrubber

Lodge Chainmail Scrubber
Credit: Amazon

Another must-have for maintaining cast iron, this scrubber can help you get any cooked-on gunk off your pots and pans. You can also use it to clean carbon steel cookware and pop it in the dishwasher for disinfecting when you’re done scrubbing. 

33. Kitchen Scrub Brush & Holder

Farmhouse Pottery Kitchen Scrub Brush
Credit: Food52

When it’s time to wash more delicate items, you’ll want to reach for a natural bristle brush, which is more gentle on scratchable surfaces. It’s also handy for cleaning enamelware and smaller cast iron cleanup jobs. This brush comes with an elegant little dish of its own to help keep it from getting grimy or lost. 

34. Dish Soap and Hand Soap Dispensers

X-Lent Dish and Hand Soap Dispenser
Credit: Amazon

Step up your sink style with these refillable hand and dish soap dispensers. The amber-colored bottles add a nice warmth to the room. If you buy jugs of soap in bulk, they can even help you save money in the long run. 

35. Classic Cream or Cotton Blue Apron

farmhouse must haves
Credit: The Seasoned Mom/ Target

Whenever there’s flour or sauce involved, a kitchen apron is a good idea to protect your clothes. Whether you opt for a Seasoned Mom version or one with a farmhouse-ready checkered pattern, you’ll look stylish while you cook!

36. Classic Towels or Exclusive Dish Towels

Credit: Williams-Sonoma / The Seasoned Mom

A classic stripe looks right at home in a modern farmhouse kitchen, and these Turkish cotton towels are one of my absolute favorites! They have a loop so you can hang them on a hook, are available in 10 different colors, and come in a set of four. I’m also partial to my new Seasoned Mom dish towels! The white waffle weave means they go with any kitchen decor. 

37. Saratoga Home Sponge Holder

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Amazon

This cute galvanized steel mini-bucket keeps sponges out of the sink and gives them a spot to dry. It’s also a good spot to stash scrub brushes or bottle brushes. 

38. Ball Mason Jars

Mason Jars
Credit: Amazon

Canning and jarring have long been ways of preserving a farm’s harvest for the whole year, but jars have many other uses around the house, too. Use them as drinking glasses, for meal prep, to store sauces, to organize your pantry, and so much more. 

39. Reusable Mason Jar Lids

Reusable Mason Jar Lids
Credit: Amazon

I use these all of the time for shaking sauces and salad dressings, making refrigerator pickles, and storing dry goods like nuts and seeds in the pantry. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor & Furniture

In addition to cooking tools, farmhouse kitchen decor can really set the mood and highlight your style. Whether you’re going for a classic, country aesthetic or a cozy modern feel, many of these farmhouse kitchen must-haves are both functional and lovely to look at. 

40. Oversized Wooden Wall Clock

Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Clock
Credit: Antique Farmhouse

Metal Roman numerals and hands are set into the wooden base of this wall clock, for a look that’s evocative of reclaimed barn wood. It’s large, measuring 2 feet in diameter, so it makes a big statement on any wall. 

41. Barn Door Style Cabinets 

farmhouse kitchen decor
Credit: Target

Plenty of storage is essential in any farmhouse kitchen, and these charming cabinets have a drawer and four interior compartments. They’re available in several different finishes, including white, gray, and three additional wood finishes. 

42. X-Back Dining Chairs

farmhouse kitchen decor
Credit: Home Depot

You can continue the theme of the barn door inspiration with these X-back dining chairs, available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Your set could be solid white or black, or if you prefer, choose a chair with contrasting finishes on the seat and back. 

43. Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Table
Credit: Pottery Barn

The table is the heart of any farmhouse, so choose one that’s warm and inviting. This one from Pottery Barn looks gorgeous and can withstand hard use. 

44. Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Light

Farmhouse Pendant Light
Credit: Amazon

This pendant light is both modern and rustic, with dark metal cross-bars and a wooden frame. It looks great with an Edison-style bulb, but can accommodate any standard lightbulb. 

45. Sullivans Stoneware Pitcher

Sullivans Stoneware Pitcher
Credit: Amazon

An elegant stoneware or ceramic pitcher can do double duty as farmhouse kitchen decor and as a vase for fresh-cut flowers. 

46. Marble-Top Kitchen Island

Williams-Sonoma Larkspur Kitchen Island
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

If you’re willing to splurge, this beautiful kitchen island is a worthy investment. It has a marble top, which is ideal for making pastry, and plenty of additional storage in the form of shelves and four drawers. It has two towel bars for keeping dish towels handy and is outfitted with polished nickel hardware.

47. Barnyard Designs Botanical Print Sign 

Farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Amazon

This pretty and rustic wall art brings your cutting garden into the kitchen. The wooden sign is easy to put up thanks to pre-installed hooks. 

48. Wire Storage Baskets

Merfirt Wire Storage Baskets
Credit: Amazon

Another casual storage option, these handy metal baskets mount to the wall and also double as shelving.  

49. Classic Wooden Bench

Boraam Bench
Credit: Amazon

With classic turned legs painted white and a hardwood seat, a bench can be either a nice extra seat next to the door or an alternative to traditional dining chairs. 

50. Metal Boot Tray

Farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Garnet Hill

Boot trays are farmhouse kitchen must-haves in any entryway, mudroom, or if the door to your kitchen leads directly outside. It will save you so much time cleaning the floor when it rains or snows and helps footwear look so much more organized. 

51. Hanging Pot Rack

farmhouse kitchen must haves
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

This rack is the best way to store cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens. I have three (3!) of these farmhouse kitchen must-haves between my kitchen and walk-in scullery. They’re the best!

Some of My Favorite Farmhouse Recipes:

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