10 Delicious Green Tea Recipes

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Hi, friends! Do you drink a lot of green tea? After reading a recent article on the health benefits of green tea, I realized that I need to incorporate this superfood into my diet…A LOT more! First of all, green tea is full of antioxidants, which can help to fight viruses, prevent cancer, and ease allergies. That alone makes it pretty great, right? But green tea can also help our brain function and improve our memory. Something to think about as I get older… Other awesome benefits of green tea include: help with relaxation and sleep improved heart health increased fat ... Read more

Easy Summer Craft for Kids: Garden Critters

Garden Critters 3

This simple and easy summer craft for kids is a fun way to spend some quiet downtime this summer. Our Garden Critters are the perfect whimsical addition to your herb pots, your tomato plants, your flowerbeds, or even just your favorite bookshelf or windowsill! This summer, one of the aspects that my boys seem to miss most about their mornings at preschool is the wide variety of arts and crafts that their teachers offered them on a daily basis. We have spent a lot of time coloring and ... Read more

Baked Western Omelet

Baked Western Omelet

Love the taste and the health benefits of eggs, but don’t love standing over the stove to flip, stir, or babysit them as they cook? Introducing the Baked Western Omelet, which is an easy, hands-off and nutritious way to feed a group for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! Loaded with veggies and high in protein, this is a dish that will keep you lean, strong, and 100% satisfied! I am always on the hunt for fast and simple ways to prepare eggs, since our mornings are usually too hectic for ... Read more

Weekend Recap!


Hi, friends! Happy weekend! Compared to our travels last weekend (see HERE and HERE for more details), we have had a very low-key few days...which is just what we all needed! We made it home from Florida safely after a quick pit stop at The Great Wolf Lodge in North Carolina. I spent the remainder of the week unpacking, grocery shopping, doing laundry, working...the usual. We also managed to squeeze in some playground time, some hiking, and a Friday afternoon play date ... Read more

Summer Corn Salad

Corn Salad

A rainbow of fresh vegetables come together in a crisp, sweet and simple Summer Corn Salad. This healthy and delicious side dish is the perfect addition to your next family dinner, potluck, or cookout with friends! As the name of my blog suggests, I love to take inspiration from the changing seasons and create fast and easy recipes that my family loves. In my mind, nothing says “summer” quite like a fresh corn salad! Since just about every child will happily consume a plate full of ... Read more

Chocolate Birthday Cake Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Birthday Cake Protein Smoothie 9

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Seasoned Mom possible! All of the sweet, creamy, chocolatey tastes from your favorite dessert come together in a cool, refreshing, and healthy Chocolate Birthday Cake Protein Smoothie. This fast, easy, and nutritious breakfast or snack is a reason to celebrate! It's probably pretty obvious at this point that I love a thick, cold, and creamy breakfast, snack, or dessert option that also ... Read more

The Do-Anywhere 20-Minute Workout {No Equipment Necessary!}

The Do-Anywhere 20-Minute Workout

Well, summer travel season is upon us! Are you headed on a road trip to visit family or friends? Spending a week in a beach house? Or maybe just staying in a hotel room for a few days? No matter where you're headed or what you're up to, you can bring this total body exercise routine with you. The Do-Anywhere 20-Minute Workout will get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles -- no equipment necessary! When time, space, and tools are limited, this is a fun and effective way to burn some ... Read more

Peach-Glazed Chicken Kabobs

Peach Glazed Chicken Kabobs 5

Summer on a stick! These Peach-Glazed Chicken Kabobs are the perfect way to enjoy the fresh vegetables of the season in a healthy, easy, and family-friendly dinner on the grill! This is not just your average chicken dinner recipe, folks. Oh, no. Instead, it's so simple and so delicious that my meat-loving husband deemed it THE BEST RECIPE THAT I HAVE EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF THE BLOG. After a few years of posting a lot of food, I consider that very high praise! But don't just trust ... Read more

Weekend Recap (on the road)!


Hi there, and Happy Father's Day! Did you see my post from Friday night where I shared the first part of our road trip adventures? I think that I left off with our arrival at my brother's house in Orlando, so I'll pick up from there! After a pizza dinner on Friday evening, we woke up on Saturday morning and headed out to Legoland, which was the #1 item on my boys' summer wish list. Check that box! It was about 100 degrees and humid, but the kids did not seem to mind. They had a ... Read more

Asian Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Side Dish

Hi, friends! I’m so excited about today's simple, healthy, and delicious recipe that is just perfect for the summer months. Like all of my favorite dishes, this Asian Cucumber Salad is 100% kid-approved! Do you get tired of serving the same carrot sticks, peas, or iceberg lettuce salad with dinner each night? Or worse, are there some nights when you’re just not motivated enough to get any vegetables on the plates (um, I can relate)? Not good! That’s why I love quick and easy side dishes ... Read more