Slow Cooker Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken

Slow Cooker Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken

This Slow Cooker Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken is the answer to your weeknight dinner prayers.  Really, it is!  The moist, tender, and sweet chicken simmers slowly in a rich barbecue-soy sauce, along with bacon, pineapple, and onion.  It tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen, but it only requires about 5 minutes of prep time! You know those really perfect meals that are not only easy to prepare, but every.single.member of your family loves them, eats them happily, and tells you how great … [Read more...]

Science Experiment for Kids: Sink or Float

Sink or Float

I have another round of water play for you today (it's still summer, right?), but this time it's even a little bit educational.  It's the perfect Science Experiment for Kids -- Sink or Float! The parents out there might even remember doing this one in school when you were I right?  I have never forgotten this little science activity that I did in elementary school, and I figured the warm, outdoor weather makes it the ideal time to introduce it to my little ones.  I also love … [Read more...]

A Clean Eating Breakfast or Snack: Muesli!


I've been working hard over the past few months to serve my family even more healthy, wholesome meals that involve fewer ingredients, fewer weird chemicals, and fewer packages!  Does that mean that Doritos, Oreos, and other fine delicacies are banned from my kitchen?  Of course not!  We aim for balance.  I'm not trying to deny anyone their favorite foods (including myself), but I do take comfort in knowing that my boys enjoy grilled salmon for dinner far more than they even enjoy the fried fish … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Traveling Light

Traveling Light

It's Wednesday, my friends.  Are you in a mid-week slump?  Well I have the answer for you today.  There's nothing better to lift your spirits than a little bit of virtual shopping, right?  Oh, and daydreaming about a vacation.  Pair the two together and we're practically transported to paradise!   You may remember my friend, Anne -- fashion blogger and mom extraordinaire!  With the help of her sister, Anne writes an amazingly accessible fashion blog called Dos Coquetas.  I love it because … [Read more...]

Rich Chocolate Pudding Pie

Rich Chocolate Pudding Pie

I struggled with what to call this dessert because "Chocolate Pudding Pie" just didn't seem to do it justice.  This isn't your average cafeteria-style pie that sits out on a buffet restaurant's dessert bar for far too many hours.  Oh no, my friends.  It's so much more than that!  Dark chocolate pie?  Family Favorite Chocolate Pudding Pie?  THE BEST Chocolate Pie?  Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie?  It's definitely all of these things.  In the end, though, I obviously went with "Rich Chocolate Pudding … [Read more...]

Hiking with Kids + A Make-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar

Make Your Own Trail Mix Bar

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess If you hadn't already noticed, we live in the country.  Madison County is located in Virginia's Piedmont Region, where the Blue Ridge Mountains meet gently rolling hills.  It's a small farming community with not much more than a Main Street and a Family Dollar.  But what Madison lacks in amenities, it … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Vacationing with Babies and Toddlers — Are We There Yet?!

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Happy Sunday, friends!  Since we're in the heart of summer travel season, I have a fun guest post to share with you today.  You probably remember my life-long friend, Caryn, who has visited us on the blog in the past to share her stories of raising babies in New York City, as well as her family's Hanukkah traditions. Well, Caryn and her husband Brett also happen to be world travelers!  It's a passion that they have shared ever since they met, and they haven't let their children slow down … [Read more...]

Baked Ham and Cheese Omelet

Baked Ham and Cheese Omelet

We love this Baked Ham and Cheese Omelet so much that I decided to just go ahead and list the Top 5 Reasons that you have to make it ASAP! 1.  First of all, this Baked Ham and Cheese Omelet tastes amazing.  I thought about jazzing it up and making it a "Western Omelet" with peppers, onions, and a bunch of other stuff.  But then I just decided that usually simple is best.  And that is absolutely true in this case.  There's nothing better than the combination of ham, cheese, and eggs.  Then … [Read more...]

Cheap and Easy Play-Doh Tool Box

Play Doh Tool Box

This Cheap and Easy Play-Doh Tool Box didn't start out as a planned blog post.  I was just trying to solve a problem in my own home and I came up with this idea.  When it was done, I figured I better share it...just in case it would help some other mom (or grandmother!) out there too! It's probably already apparent from my previous activity ideas that I love to find ways to keep my boys busy with independent play.  I can supervise, and I can talk to them while they work, but my hands are … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Survive Multiple Kids in Diapers

5 Tips to Survive Multiple Kids in Diapers

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Playtex, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RefreshYourNursery This whole parenting-thing is hard work! There’s definitely no manual, so I’ve spent the past five years figuring it out as I go…through trial and error. And error. And error. But if there is one aspect of childrearing on which I feel entirely competent to render advice, it would be diapering. … [Read more...]