Homemade Mother’s Day Gift: Painted Flower Pots

Painted Flower Pots

Looking for a fun and easy Homemade Mother's Day Gift that your kids can make?  These bright and cheerful Painted Flower Pots will bring a smile to any mom's face! Every year it seems like a challenge to come up with a gift for my mom and for Keith's mom for Mother's Day.  These are two ladies who never ask for anything and always say that there's nothing they need.  I do know, however, that each of these grandmothers would appreciate anything that is handmade by their grandsons.  That's … [Read more...]

Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders

If you're hosting a Kentucky Derby party this year, or if you just like to have sandwiches for dinner sometimes (like us!), I have THE BEST recipe for you!  These little Kentucky Hot Brown Sliders are incredibly popular in our house, and they make regular appearances at parties throughout the year.  They are a must-try! The traditional Kentucky Hot Brown is an open-face sandwich with turkey and bacon (and sometimes with pimentos), smothered in a Mornay sauce.  A Mornay sauce is basically … [Read more...]

Office Depot and Adopt-A-Classroom are Helping Teachers Change Lives


When I was 21 years old and had just graduated from college, I accepted a special education teaching job at an underprivileged middle school in Virginia.  I was young, enthusiastic, naïve, and hoping to save the world’s children.  While I loved working with my students, I quickly learned that teaching (to any age child in any environment) is tough work. At our school, the kids came to class for much more than just a lesson in arithmetic.  Many of them came looking for two healthy meals and a … [Read more...]

Earth Day Activity: Homemade Planet Earth Play Dough

Planet Earth Playdough

Happy, Monday!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Since we're celebrating Earth Day this week, I thought that it would be appropriate to make a new batch of our favorite homemade play dough...this time in Planet Earth colors! The boys have been enjoying play dough a lot lately.  They flatten it out on tables and make "roads" for their vehicles, or they combine it with Legos to make some very creative structures.  That's why I knew that this would be a hit!  And … [Read more...]

April Stuff We Love

loft marisa pants

It's April, and that means that it's time for another month's worth of Stuff We Love.  Here are a few items that we've been using and enjoying recently (click on the blue titles for more info)... Kid’Sleep Classic Alarm Clock: I held off on buying one of these for a few years, but when my two older boys were repeatedly getting out of bed and running around at 5:00 a.m., I got desperate.  Many of my mom friends had recommended this clock and said that it worked wonders with their kids.  I was … [Read more...]

Easy Glazed Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Easy Glazed Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

If you make one thing for a spring brunch this season, please make this Easy Glazed Lemon Poppy Seed Bread.  And I emphasize the "EASY."  Plus, there's a nice story behind the bread, so let me explain. Last spring my recipe for Carrot Cake Breakfast Bread was such a hit that I knew I should come up with another similar treat this year (if you haven't tried that bread yet, I highly recommend that you do.  Soon!).  And when I  recently found out at the last minute that I was invited for a … [Read more...]

Seasonal Allergies in Children (Plus a Free Gift!)

Seasonal Allergies in Children

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.   Spring is here (finally!), and while we’re all happy to see flowers blooming and buds on the trees, many of us are not nearly as thrilled with the allergies that often accompany the season. When I was given the opportunity to talk to a physician one-on-one and ask her any of my medical questions or concerns, I jumped right into “Mom Mode” and tried to educate myself on the ins-and-outs of seasonal allergies in … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Snack

Easter Egg Snack

Easter season is in full swing at our house and this is BY FAR the boys' favorite activity so far.  It also happens to be the easiest.  I just love when simple = better!  Try it at your house: I guarantee that this Easter Egg Snack will be a big hit! You can probably tell exactly what I did just by looking at the photos.  I saved the egg cartons that we used for our Easter Candy Counting Game and this time I filled them with small plastic Easter eggs.  I hid a few little snacks in each … [Read more...]

Easter Chick Place Cards

Easter Chick Place Cards

Clearly I enjoy using plastic Easter eggs for crafts, right?  You might remember that last year we made Baby Bluebirds in the spring and Easter Egg Chicks not long after.  Well, this year the plastic friends are joining us on our Easter dinner (or brunch) table in the form of place cards.  Even if they're just sitting on top of a kids' table, it makes the meal seem a bit more special when there are fun decorations and "assigned seats."  Best of all, these Easter Chick Place Cards are easy to … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Meal Plan #2

M&M Oatmeal Cookies

Hi there!  In case you missed it, last month I shared my Meal Planning Tips to Save You Time and Money.  That post included a sample weekly meal plan for our family.  This is definitely the #1 way that I stay organized each week and keep dinners on the table without multiple trips to the grocery store.  And since it's Thursday,  I will be sitting down this evening to plan my meals and write my own shopping list for the coming weekend.  Would you like to do the same?  Here is another week's worth … [Read more...]