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From waffles at breakfast to an overnight brunch casserole, chicken pot pie for dinner, and peach cobbler for dessert, these delicious Bisquick recipes are always easy and delicious!

Side shot of bisquick waffles for a collection of Bisquick recipes.

Discover the magic of Bisquick with our collection of simple recipes that showcase the versatility and convenience of this classic pantry staple. From fluffy pancakes to savory biscuits and beyond, we’re sharing creative ways to elevate your cooking with the help of Bisquick. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, get ready to whip up delicious meals in no time!

What is Bisquick?

Bisquick is a pre-mixed baking product developed by General Mills, typically used to make quick and easy recipes such as pancakes, biscuits, and waffles by simply adding liquid ingredients like milk and eggs. For many of these recipes, you can substitute with another brand of all-purpose baking mix (such as Krusteaz) or a homemade Bisquick mix from scratch.

Recipes with Bisquick

Square side shot of butter and syrup on a stack of Jiffy cornbread pancakes.

Jiffy Cornmeal Pancakes

The combination of Bisquick and Jiffy mix make these cornmeal pancakes some of the easiest, most delicious pancakes that you’ll ever make! With just 5 ingredients and less than 30 minutes, they’re perfect with butter, syrup, honey, or fruit.

Pouring syrup over a stack of baked pancakes

Baked Pancakes with Pancake Mix

With just 5 simple ingredients and 5 minutes of prep, you can serve fluffy Baked Pancakes to a group — no flipping on the griddle necessary! Perfect for a weekend brunch, a holiday gathering, or a simple weeknight dinner, these Bisquick oven baked pancakes are the fastest and easiest way to feed a crowd! Plus, they’re freezer-friendly, making them a great way to prep ahead!

Square side shot of a stack of apple pancakes on a white plate.

The Easiest Baked Apple Pancakes

With one bowl, a box of Bisquick, and about 5 minutes of prep, these baked apple pancakes are ready for the oven — no flipping on the griddle necessary! The light, fluffy, cinnamon-spiced pancake squares make the perfect cozy and easy fall breakfast.

Pouring syrup on a plate of crispy Bisquick waffles with fresh berries

Bisquick Waffles with a Secret Ingredient!

What’s the secret ingredient for easy, fluffy, and crispy waffles?! With 4 ingredients — including a box of baking mix and a bottle of club soda — these Bisquick Waffles come together in just 5 minutes! Serve the homemade waffles with syrup, bacon and fruit for breakfast, or with fried chicken for dinner. It’s a quick meal that the whole family will love!

Three sausage balls on a blue and white plate

Sausage Balls from Bisquick

You only need three ingredients for these Sausage Balls from Bisquick! They’re an easy appetizer recipe, tailgate snack, or quick addition to your brunch buffet, and can be prepped ahead in about 15 minutes!

Square overhead shot of a pan of sausage and apple breakfast bake on a wooden table.

Maple Sausage and Apple Breakfast Bake

A sweet and savory apple breakfast bake that includes eggs, maple sausage, and cheddar cheese is an easy, satisfying brunch dish that you can bake right away, or prepare the night before. Drizzle each slice with warm maple syrup!

Bacon sausage and egg casserole in a white dish with wooden spoon

Overnight Breakfast Casserole

I can’t take credit for this recipe, but I can honestly say that my friend Sallie’s Overnight Breakfast Casserole is the best breakfast casserole that I have ever tasted! Loaded with bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, and cheese, it’s got everything that you could possibly want in an egg dish — and you can make the entire meal in advance. It’s perfect for a holiday morning!

Square side shot of Bisquick cheddar biscuits in a wooden tray.

Bisquick Cheddar Biscuits with Beer

These easy 5-ingredient Bisquick cheddar biscuits bake in a muffin tin and include beer for rich flavor, making them a perfect cross between traditional drop biscuits and a tender loaf of beer bread. They’re perfect companions for a warm bowl of chili, soup, or beans, and are also delicious alongside pot roast or roasted chicken.

Square side shot of a bowl of 7up biscuits

7UP Biscuits

These light and fluffy 7UP biscuits are such a fun and delicious shortcut with just 4 simple ingredients! The combination of butter, sour cream, lemon-lime soda, and Bisquick baking mix yields rich, flavorful, and tender biscuits with minimal effort. Serve them for breakfast with country ham, sausage gravy, or jam, or offer them at the dinner table alongside soup, chili, pot roast, or pulled pork.

Fork with a bite taken out of a piece of easy salmon pie

Salmon Pie

This Easy Salmon Pie is similar to a crustless quiche, making it perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! The filling includes fresh vegetables like bell peppers and onions, as well as Swiss cheese and roasted or canned salmon. Best of all, the simple dish comes together in just minutes for a quick new way to add more seafood to your diet.

Close up square overhead shot of a bisquick zucchini pie

Zucchini Pie

Are you on zucchini overload? Don’t miss this easy zucchini pie, which is the most delicious way to enjoy fresh summer produce! With only 10 minutes of prep, you can have a fancy and tasty side dish to serve with grilled steak, fried chicken, or pork chops, or a vegetarian entrée that you can pair with a simple green salad for a satisfying meal that will satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

Slice of easy Vegetable Pie on a plate with flowers in the background

The Magical Vegetable Pie

This quick and easy Magical Vegetable Pie will encourage your family to eat their veggies — at every single meal! Whether you serve it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, this simple option pairs beautifully with your favorite protein.

Square overhead shot of a pan of bisquick cheeseburger pie.

Cheeseburger Pie (Impossible Cheeseburger Pie)

This easy Bisquick cheeseburger pie, also called “impossible cheeseburger pie,” is one of those great old-fashioned dinners that the entire family will love! Serve each slice with a simple green salad, roasted broccoli, sauteed zucchini, or a fresh fruit salad!

Square overhead image of a dish of bisquick chicken pot pie

Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie

You only need 10 minutes to prepare this easy Bisquick chicken pot pie! The hearty, down-home casserole features chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce and topped with a golden cornmeal biscuit crust. Serve the simple comfort food classic with a side salad, a loaf of crusty bread, or a basket of pumpkin muffins for an easy weeknight dinner.

Square overhead shot of a cast iron skillet full of creamed country chicken and biscuits casserole

Country Chicken and Biscuits

Country Chicken and Biscuits is a classic down-home comfort food dinner! The creamy chicken and vegetables are topped with fluffy, cheesy drop biscuits for a hearty and delicious family-friendly meal. Bake it in a casserole dish or in a cast iron skillet and supper is served!

Square overhead image of a fork in a bowl of chicken and bisquick dumplings.

Chicken and Bisquick Dumplings

An easy version of the farmhouse classic, this chicken and Bisquick dumpling recipe comes together quickly. Tender Bisquick dumplings simmer in a creamy chicken and vegetable gravy for a delicious, one-pot, comfort food dinner!

Close overhead image of a ground beef pot pie recipe in a skillet with a serving spoon.

Beef Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuits

A cozy beef pot pie includes a ground beef and vegetable filling that’s coated in rich gravy and topped with fluffy, cheesy drop biscuits. This down-home, country-style comfort food is a perfect family-friendly dinner recipe for chilly nights! Pair it with a crisp green salad to round out the hearty meal.

Square overhead image of broccoli cheddar veggie pot pie in a cast iron skillet on a wooden table.

Broccoli Cheddar Veggie Pot Pie

This veggie pot pie is cozy, meatless, comfort food! Fluffy Bisquick cheddar garlic drop biscuits sit on top of a cheesy broccoli filling, making the cobbler a simple, hearty, and satisfying vegetarian supper.

Square overhead shot of a pan of peach cobbler

Easy Bisquick Peach Cobbler

The most delicious summer dessert! This easy Bisquick peach cobbler recipe can be made with fresh, frozen, or canned peaches in just 10 minutes! Top the warm cobbler with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream for an old-fashioned sweet treat that everyone loves.


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