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With just 5 simple ingredients and 5 minutes of prep, you can serve fluffy Baked Pancakes to a group — no flipping on the griddle necessary! Perfect for a weekend brunch, a holiday gathering, or a simple weeknight dinner, these Bisquick oven baked pancakes are the fastest and easiest way to feed a crowd! Plus, they’re freezer-friendly, making them a great way to prep ahead!

Pouring syrup over a stack of baked pancakes
Table of Contents
  1. Oven Baked Pancakes with Pancake Mix
  2. Can you bake pancake mix?
  3. The Best Pancake Mix
  4. Ingredients
  5. How to Bake Pancakes in the Oven
  6. How to Serve Oven Baked Pancakes
  7. Preparation and Storage Tips
  8. Recipe Variations
  9. How to Use Pancake Mix in Other Recipes
  10. Tips for the Best Baked Pancake Recipe
  11. Baked Pancakes with Pancake Mix Recipe

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Oven Baked Pancakes with Pancake Mix

Whether we’re prepping weekday breakfasts for the kids, serving a special holiday brunch to guests, or throwing together an easy weeknight dinner for the family, homemade buttermilk pancakes are always a hit. Unfortunately, I don’t serve them nearly enough because they just seem too labor-intensive.

I don’t want to be standing over a stove for 20-30 minutes flipping enough pancakes to feed my ravenous boys. Plus, I always seem to burn at least half of them when I get distracted by the bacon, eggs, or orange juice that I’m also fussing with! Instead, these easy Bisquick baked pancakes save the day! They’re quick to stir together, they’re completely hands-off, and they turn out light, fluffy and perfect every time.

Pouring buttermilk into a white mixing bowl

Can you bake pancake mix?

Absolutely! Instead of flipping individual pancakes on the stovetop, you can pour the buttermilk pancake batter into a 9 x 13 dish and let the oven do the work. Cut the baked pancakes into squares and serve them just like you would serve griddled pancakes! They’re delicious with butter, fruit, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Whisking dry ingredients in a white bowl

The Best Pancake Mix

This is really a matter of personal preference, but our family’s favorite store-bought pancake mix for these baked pancakes or for traditional waffles is the Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix. That said, Bisquick is a classic baking mix that’s slightly more versatile than the Krusteaz version. Bisquick isn’t quite as sweet as Krusteaz, so it works well in more savory recipes (like biscuits, sausage balls, casseroles, and the like). Bisquick is also available in more varieties, such as gluten-free and heart-smart. I tend to keep both Bisquick and Krusteaz on hand. See my recipe suggestions below for more ideas on how to use pancake mix in your kitchen!


This is just a quick overview of the 5 simple ingredients that you’ll need for a pan of baked pancakes from mix. As always, specific measurements and complete cooking instructions are included in the printable recipe box at the bottom of the post.

  • Pancake mix: my family prefers Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix, but Bisquick works really well, too. Pancake mix is a great shortcut because it already includes the all purpose flour, leavening (like baking soda or bake powder), kosher salt, sugar, and more.
  • Buttermilk: I use whole buttermilk when available, since it has a richer, thicker texture and flavor than low-fat buttermilk. The low-fat version will work in a pinch, though!
  • Milk: a little bit more liquid to thin the batter slightly. Use 2% or whole milk for the best results.
  • Egg: gives the pancakes structure.
  • Oil: use a neutral-tasting oil such as vegetable oil or canola oil to keep the pancakes moist and tender. You can substitute with an equal amount of melted butter, too.

Why Use Buttermilk To Make Pancakes?

The buttermilk is optional (you can substitute with additional regular milk); however, whole buttermilk has a nice thick texture that creates a thicker batter (and therefore yields thicker, fluffier pancakes). The acidic nature of buttermilk also makes the batter more tender, gives it a nice “tang,” and helps to create the lightest, fluffiest pancakes.

Pouring batter into a white 9 x 13 dish

How to Bake Pancakes in the Oven

These fluffy baked pancakes are truly the easiest! Grab your 5 basic ingredients, and you’ll have a batch ready for the oven in about 5 minutes…

  1. Combine all of the ingredients (both wet ingredients and dry ingredients) in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Whisk until all of the dry ingredients are moistened. You will still have some lumps in the batter, which is fine. Don’t over-mix or you’ll end up with tough pancakes.
  3. Pour the batter into a greased 9 x 13-inch baking dish.
  4. Bake in a 425°F oven for 10-15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  5. Slice into squares and serve!
Overhead shot of easy bake pancakes in a white dish

How to Serve Oven Baked Pancakes

Bisquick baked pancakes are perfect at any time of day. Enjoy them for a make-ahead breakfast on busy mornings, bake them for a slower weekend brunch, or serve them in the evening as “breakfast-for-dinner.” The best pancakes go well with sides such as fruit salad, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, a baked omelet, or a quiche.

Favorite Pancake Toppings

Make the easy batch of pancakes even more special by adding your family’s favorite toppings. Here are some tasty ideas:

  • Butter and maple syrup
  • Powdered sugar
  • Fruit syrup (such as blueberry syrup or raspberry syrup)
  • Jam (such as blueberry jam or strawberry freezer jam)
  • Peanut butter or almond butter
  • Nutella
  • Whipped cream
  • Fresh berries
  • Sliced bananas
  • Nuts — pecans, walnuts or almonds
Side shot of a white plate with a stack of baked pancakes from mix and garnished with fresh fruit

Preparation and Storage Tips

  • Make Ahead: You can bake the pancakes in advance, allow them to cool completely, and then package them in a Ziploc freezer bag, using wax paper to separate the layers of pancakes (so that they don’t stick together).
  • Properly stored in an airtight container, the baked pancakes will last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.
  • You can freeze the baked pancakes in an airtight container for up to 2 months.
  • How to Reheat Pancakes: You can reheat the pancakes directly from the freezer, or from the refrigerator. Reheat individual servings of pancakes in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. To reheat larger quantities of pancakes, place on a foil-lined baking sheet in a 375°F oven for about 10 minutes. Frozen pancakes may require slightly longer to warm through.
Side shot of a pan of sliced fluffy baked pancakes

Recipe Variations

  • Whole buttermilk (not low-fat) has a very thick texture, which makes a nice, thick batter and yields fluffy, tender, flavorful pancakes. You can substitute with milk, but the batter will be slightly thinner.
  • Use melted butter instead of oil.
  • Mix-Ins: Jazz up the baked pancakes by stirring blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sliced banana, chocolate chips or rainbow sprinkles into the batter.
  • Add spices such as a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon for a warm, cozy flavor. A splash of vanilla extract is also delicious.
  • Cooking for a Smaller Family? You can cut the ingredients in half and bake the pancakes in an 8-inch square baking dish. I would still use 1 full egg, since it’s tough to cut that ingredient in half. Baking time will be reduced by a few minutes, so keep an eye on the pancakes after about 9-10 minutes.
  • Sheet Pan Pancakes: instead of a 9 x 13-inch dish, prepare a larger batch of these pancakes on a rimmed baking sheet. To do so, increase the measurements to 3 cups of Bisquick, 1 ½ cups of buttermilk, ¾ cup milk, 2 eggs and 6 tablespoons of oil. The pancakes will be slightly thinner, and will likely be done within about 10-12 minutes.

How to Use Pancake Mix in Other Recipes

Keep a box of pancake mix in your pantry, because it’s a good shortcut ingredient for so many different meals (so long as you don’t mind a few preservatives or artificial flavors in the mix!). Here are some easy ideas:

Stack of bisquick baked pancakes on a white plate with fresh berries

Tips for the Best Baked Pancake Recipe

  • Do not over-mix the batter. Stir just until the ingredients are combined. You will still have some lumps, which is fine. Over-mixing will result in dense, tough, and dry pancakes.
  • If time allows, let the batter rest for 5-10 minutes. This gives the leavening agents extra time to react, which results in puffier, fluffier, light pancakes.
  • The total baking time will vary. If using a glass dish, the pancakes will need closer to 15 minutes in the oven. Metal or dark nonstick pans only require about 10-12 minutes. The pancakes are done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  • Slice the pancakes into 8 large rectangles or 16 smaller squares. Some readers have even suggested using cookie cutters to cut out fun pancake shapes for your kids!
Pouring maple syrup on a stack of oven baked pancakes with pancake mix

More Recipes with Pancake Mix

Pouring syrup over a stack of baked pancakes

Baked Pancakes with Pancake Mix

5 from 14 votes
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
0 minutes
Total: 20 minutes
Servings 8 servings
Calories 201 kcal
These fluffy buttermilk baked pancakes are made with only 5 ingredients and require only 5 minutes prep! Great for breakfast, brunch or weeknight dinners!



  • Preheat oven to 425°F. Spray a 9 x 13-inch baking dish with cooking spray and set aside.
  • Stir together all ingredients in a large bowl just until nicely combined (pancake mix, buttermilk, milk, egg, and oil). The batter will still be a little bit lumpy (and that’s fine) – don’t overmix or the pancakes will be dry.
  • Pour batter into the prepared baking dish.
  • Bake, uncovered, for about 10-15 minutes, or until cooked through in the center.
  • Slice into squares and serve with desired toppings!


  • Do not over-mix the batter. Stir just until the ingredients are combined. You will still have some lumps, which is fine. Over-mixing will result in dense, tough, and dry pancakes.
  • If time allows, let the batter rest for 5-10 minutes. This gives the leavening agents extra time to react, which results in puffier, fluffier, light pancakes.
  • The total baking time will vary. If using a glass dish, the pancakes will need closer to 15 minutes in the oven. Metal or dark nonstick pans only require about 10-12 minutes. The pancakes are done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  • Slice the pancakes into 8 large rectangles or 16 smaller squares. Some readers have even suggested using cookie cutters to cut out fun pancake shapes for your kids!


Serving: 1/8 of the recipeCalories: 201kcalCarbohydrates: 23.5gProtein: 4.6gFat: 10gSaturated Fat: 1.7gCholesterol: 25mgSodium: 336mgFiber: 0.8gSugar: 3.8g
Keyword: baked pancakes, how to make pancakes in the oven
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Author: Blair Lonergan

This recipe was originally published in September, 2017. The photos were updated in September, 2021.


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  1. I love making pancake casseroles! They’re so easy and they definitely beat flipping pancakes over a hot stove, as I’m the worst at that! Love this five ingredient version. Sounds perfect for breakfast!

  2. Yummm! I am all about breakfast recipes you can make in a big batch like this so I have to try your baked pancakes! Yum! 🙂

  3. Love the dump recipes cooking for one is hard and I’m always looking for simple great tasting recipes..The pancakes and ziti using ricotta cheese are straight on even went down and grabbed some berries

    1. Hi, Russ! I’m so glad that you enjoy the recipes! Hopefully the berries were the perfect final touch on the pancakes! 🙂

        1. Hi! No, that’s not a good idea. The leavening agents will be activated as soon as you stir the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients, so if the batter sits for too long in the fridge the end result will not be as light and fluffy. If you want to prep ahead a little bit, I would measure out the ingredients ahead of time (keeping the cold items in the fridge overnight), but wait until the morning stir it all together and bake.

  4. What a great idea. Would have never thought of doing this, but certainly am going to make some for the freezer for the holidays. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Hi, Kristy! I haven’t tried this recipe with the protein pancake mixes, but I bet it would work. I’ve done something similar in the past and it was fine! 🙂

  5. 5 stars
    Hi Blair, I made the Dump & Bake Buttermilk Pancakes tonight for supper. Really good!! I sprinkled powdered sugar on top and then served them with maple syrup. Next time I will add fresh fruit and breakfast sausage on the side. I will definitely be making these again! Thank you Blair for all the great Dump & Bake Recipes. They are all so easy, quick and delicious!!

    1. Perfect, Annette! I’m so glad that you enjoyed them! Aren’t they so easy?! The powdered sugar is a great addition on top. 🙂

  6. Hi Blair, FYI, The Dump & Bake Buttermillk Pancakes is a 5 Star Recipe for me, not sure why it only shows 2 on the above comment I made a few minutes ago.

  7. Hi, I don’t live in the US and I can’t find the pancakes mix. Is there something I can use as a substitute? Thanks!

    1. Hi There,
      I subbed with self-raising flour and it work fine. Do the same with seasoned moms salmon quiche recipe.

        1. Sounds like a great recipe, just what I was looking for when the grandkids
          come. Can I sub melted butter for the oil?

          1. Hi Nora,
            You can absolutely substitute butter for the oil! We hope you and your grandkids enjoy this recipe.

  8. I have made this by pouring half of the batter in the pan, Sprinkling cooked sausage and a ribbon of maple syrup, pouring the rest of the batter on top! YUMMMMY!

  9. Blair you have nailed the best way to get ahead for breakfast! I feel now I can cook my eggs and bacon and also bake the pancakes in less time! How great is that…. My new son- in -law Loves breakfast. Love your new recipe I will be cooking the pancakes that way from now on .Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yay! It’s definitely the easiest way to prepare a batch of pancakes! 🙂 So glad that you enjoy them!

  10. 5 stars
    My grandkids love to cut out shapes with cookie cutters. That leaves the scraps that Grandpa & I put in bowls with maple syrup! Yum! Fun for all!!

  11. As advertised! These were easy to make and everyone loved them. I did 2 batches, one with fresh blueberries and one with chocolate chips. You can’t beat breakfast for dinner! Thanks for another great meal Blair!

    1. Yay! Thanks, Christy! I’m so glad that your family approved! 🙂 I agree, you can’t go wrong when pancakes are on the menu.

  12. 5 stars
    Super fluffy almost like a cake but still tastes like a pancake. I wish I could post a picture they’re SO fluffy. I definitely recommend putting butter on top with a little syrup. This is so much easier than using the pan!!

  13. 5 stars
    To make pancakes for two of us can be a hassle and cooking over the stove is hot. First pancake comes out great and the rest seen to get all darker on top. I had an older can of Stonewall Kitchen cinnamon apple pancake and waffle mix, so I tried it. I made a 13 x 9 pan that came out FABULOUS! By my oven it needed 14 minutes, but could have easily gone 15 – 16 total minutes I have one more canister of gingerbread pancake and waffle mix. Will use this another time. I’m letting my pan cool and will put slices in the freezer. Thanks for making this so easy!!!

    1. Hi, Jules! You can sub with regular milk. The buttermilk yields a lighter, fluffier pancake with a tender crumb, but milk works fine too. You can also make your own buttermilk at home by adding a little vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk and letting it sit for 5 minutes.

  14. 5 stars
    Perfect recipe! I made this on this 8 degree Christmas Eve morning. I used Hungry Jack Buttermilk Pancake Mix, 1 egg, 1/4 cup veg oil, 1 cup of 2% milk, and 1/2 cup of regular whipping cream because it was all I had, and it turned out great! Topped with butter and maple syrup. Delicious! Thanks, for the recipe! Happy Holidays!

  15. 5 stars
    When family is visiting I go from feeding 2 to feeding 7. Breakfast is always an interesting project as we have fussy eaters. Waffles, while they love, wears us out making 14+ waffles and everyone had to wait.
    Decided to try this.
    Only had Bisquick so used that. Also only unsweetened Almond Mllk for milk so added 1/3 cup Splenda to mix. One last addition was a teaspoon Maple extract.

    3 batches.

    Everyone was able to eat while next batch baking. Overwhelming thumbs up from my finicky eaters!

    This is a keeper!!!!

    1. 5 stars
      My goodness! This is so tasty and easy to prepare for a larger group. Will make my pancakes this way from now on!

    2. Hi there. So happy I found this recipe and you… thank you. Staying at an air BnB with seven teenage boys and wanted to make pancakes. Would using the regular recipe on the back of the Bisquick mix box work ok? I make the ultimate one with the baking powder, oil, sugar and vanilla, etc.? What temp if using a copper color baking sheet?

      1. Hi, Caroline! I’m so glad to have you “here”! An Air B&B with 7 teenagers sounds like quite the adventure! 🙂

        I haven’t tested the original Bisquick recipe with this method, so I honestly don’t know if it would work. If at all possible, I would stick with this version — which I know is a winner. You can add the vanilla if you like, too. I wouldn’t adjust the temperature for the copper baking sheet. Just keep an eye on the pancakes and pull them out when they’re cooked through. Hope the boys enjoy!

  16. Omg! I work for farmhouse pottery and it literally blew my mind when I saw your pictures with this recipe! Can’t wait to try this for dinner tonight though!

    1. That’s awesome, Courtney! Just stick around a little bit — you’ll notice that pottery (or linens, etc.) in almost all of my posts! 🙂 Hope you enjoy the recipe.

  17. 5 stars
    I subbed Greek yogurt for the buttermilk, but these pancakes were a huge hit. And of course super easy. Thank you!

  18. Does this work with complete pancake mix. I tried twice and they never baked. Gummy. I did have success with the brand you mentioned though. Thanks.

    1. Hi Angela! We haven’t tested this recipe with Complete pancake mix, but any all-purpose mix should work.

  19. Can I make them the night before and reheat them?
    425 degrees is too high for everything else in the oven.

    1. Yes, they will stay fresh in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. Reheat individual servings of pancakes in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. To reheat larger quantities of pancakes, place on a foil-lined baking sheet in a 375°F oven for about 10 minutes. Hope this helps!