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Hi, friends! This post has definitely been a long time coming!

Out of all of the requests that I get from readers, by far the most common are pleas from desperate moms who are in search of delicious, easy, family-friendly recipes that are also allergy-friendly. Since I don’t have any allergies to contend with in our family, I am definitely not an expert in this area. And let’s face it: Cooking for Kids with Allergies can be a very difficult task!

That’s why I turned to the greatest resource that I know: my fellow food blogging friends (many of whom have entire websites dedicated to allergy-friendly recipes), and asked them to select a few of their very favorite kid friendly, allergen-free recipes. I have compiled, labeled, and categorized all of these meal ideas in this ultimate resource of Over 50 Family-Friendly (and Allergy-Friendly) Recipes!

Cooking for Kids with Allergies

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A few notes before we get to the good stuff! First, you will notice my abbreviations in parentheses after each recipe. Here’s the code: GF = Gluten Free; DF = Dairy Free; EF = Egg Free; NF = Nut Free; SF = Soy Free. I hope these designations help you peruse the list quickly and easily to find those options that are most appropriate for your family’s needs. BUT!!! Please, please, please read each recipe carefully before you prepare it. As I said, I am not an expert in allergy-free cooking and you just need to double-check that my labels are in fact accurate.

I hope that you find plenty of new recipes that your entire family can enjoy!


Berry Shortcake Overnight Protein Oats from The Seasoned Mom {GF, EF, NF, SF}

Berry Shortcake Overnight Oats 10

Overnight Strawberry Quinoa Parfait from The Seasoned Mom {GF, EF, NF, SF}

Easy Almond Flour Muffins from Snappy Gourmet {GF, DF}

Blueberry Carrot Cake Bars with Granola from Cotter Crunch {GF, SF, DF-optional}


Savory Kale Oatmeal Cups from Kiip Fit {GF, EF, DF, NF}

Cardamom Banana Bread from A Virtual Vegan {DF, EF, NF, SF}

Maple and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Waffles from Plating Pixels {GF, SF}


Easy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from Dishing Delish {GF, NF-optional, SF}

Blueberry Breakfast Bites from A Virtual Vegan {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chips Muffins from Vitamin Sunshine {GF, EF, DF-optional, SF}

Red Lentil Waffles with Rosemary Pomegranate Syrup from Eat. Thrive. Glow. {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Fluffy Whole Wheat Vegan Pancakes from Whole Food Bellies {DF, EF, NF-optional, SF}

2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes from Living Sweet Moments {GF, DF, NF, SF}



Slow Cooker Root Beer Barbecue Chicken from The Seasoned Mom {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Peach-Glazed Chicken Kabobs from The Seasoned Mom {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Chicken Taco Quinoa Skillet from The Seasoned Mom {GF, DF-optional, EF, NF, SF}

Chicken Taco Quinoa Skillet 10

Paleo Italian Chicken Fingers from Tastes of Lizzy T’s {GF, DF, SF}

Sun-dried Tomato & Basil White Bean Burgers from Ari’s Menu {GF, EF, DF, SF}

Homemade Mexican Veggie Burgers with Taco Aioli from Peas & Crayons {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}


Southwest Quinoa Bowls from Ari’s Menu {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Crock Pot Green Chili White Cheddar Mac and Cheese from Cotter Crunch {GF, NF, EF, SF}

Easy Gluten Free Herbed Chicken and Biscuit Bake from Cotter Crunch {GF, NF, SF}

Herbed Chicken and Biscuit Bake

Meatloaf with Quinoa from Inhabited Kitchen {GF, DF, NF, SF}

Vegan Corn Dogs from Yummily Yours’ {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

One Pot Sausage and Rice Bake from Dinner at the Zoo {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

one pot sausage

Slow Cooker Applesauce Chicken from Strength and Sunshine {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Carrot and Potato Soup from Easy Baby Meals {GF, EF, NF, SF}

Carrot Tomato Soup from Eat. Thrive. Glow. {GF, EF, NF, SF}


Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Alfredo from 918 Plate {GF, EF, NF, SF}

Stove Top Chicken Fajitas Sliders from Bam’s Kitchen {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Apple Peanut Butter Quesadillas from Connoisseurus Veg {EF, DF, SF}



Asian Cucumber Salad from The Seasoned Mom {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Mom’s Marinated Vegetable Salad from The Seasoned Mom {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Summer Corn Salad from The Seasoned Mom {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Healthy Corn Salad

Homemade Corn Muffin Mix from Inhabited Kitchen {GF, NF, SF}

Baked Sweet Potato Fries from Strength and Sunshine {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Skinny Carrot Fritters from Kiip Fit {EF, DF, NF, SF}


Cauliflower Nuggets from Healthier Steps {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

10 Minute Marinated Mushrooms from Peas & Crayons {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}



Healthy Peach Jam Bars from The Seasoned Mom {EF, DF, NF, SF}

Healthy Peach Jam Bars 8

Microwave Pizza Dip from The Seasoned Mom {GF, EF, NF, SF}

Healthy No-Bake Granola Bars from The Seasoned Mom {GF, DF, EF, SF}

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies Cups from Bake. Eat. Repeat. {GF, EF}

These no bake peanut butter cookie cups are amazing! No bake, flourless, mini and full of peanut buttery flavour. Can't beat that!

Apricot Energy Bites from Bake. Eat. Repeat. {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Chewy Chocolate Macaroon Granola Bars from Bake. Eat. Repeat. {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Fruit Dip from Vegetarian Mamma {GF, NF, DF-optional}


Lower Sugar Homemade Fruit Snacks and Veggie Chips from Cotter Crunch {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Cocoa Cashew Pretzel Bites from Cotter Crunch {GF, EF, DF, SF}

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies from Culinary Hill {GF, DF, SF}


Dairy-Free Blueberry Frozen Yogurt from Culinary Hill {GF, DF, EF, SF}

Quinoa Trail Mix Bites from Connoisseurus Veg {GF, EF, DF, SF}

Mango Banana Ice Cream from A Virtual Vegan {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

mango banana ice cream

Green Peas Cookies from Kiip Fit {GF, EF, DF}

Roast Green Peas from Yummily Yours’ {GF, EF, DF, NF, SF}

Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla Bean Cream from A Virtual Vegan {GF, EF, DF, SF}

Roasted Strawberries

Dairy Free Raspberry Gelato from Tastefully Frugal {GF, EF, DF, NF}

Raspberry Semifreddo from Suitcase Foodist {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

Almond Butter and Honey Blondies from Sunny Side Ups {GF, DF, SF}


No Nuts Monster Cookies from Sunny Side Ups {NF}

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites from Natural Chow {GF, DF, EF, SF}

Paleo Coconut Chocolate Blondies from A Healthy Life for Me {GF, DF, SF}


Healthy No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cookies from Cook.Craft.Love. {GF, DF-optional, EF, SF}

Gluten Free Snickerdoodles from Vitamin Sunshine {GF, DF, SF}

Cool Ranch Roasted Chickpeas from A Saucy Kitchen {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}

cool ranch chickpeas

Homemade Nutella from Eat. Thrive. Glow. {GF, DF, EF, SF}

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake from PriyaKitchenette {GF, NF, SF}

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes from Tea & Biscuits {GF, DF, EF, NF, SF}


And one more “sweet” resource that you might want to check out! Fellow blogger Vegetarian Mamma has this awesome book available right now…because nobody should be deprived of dessert! The Dessert Fork: Over 40 Allergy-Friendly Dessert Recipes that Your Entire Family Will Enjoy (<– affiliate link).

And now it’s your turn! Please leave a link or a note in the comments with your favorite allergen-free recipe. Let’s keep this resource growing!



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  1. stunning and nourishing! i feel like we need one big picnic to celebrate kid friendly and allergy friendly food!! PINNED!

  2. Awesome, AWESOME recipes here in this post!! And really, as an adult with allergies, I’m all over all these recipes for myself too…so easy to get in a rut food-wise, and these all sound like delicious life-savers!! Thanks for including my links too! 🙂

    1. That’s great that you might be able to enjoy them too, Anna! I didn’t realize that you deal with allergies of your own. Hopefully you find some new inspiration here! Thanks for contributing as well. 🙂

  3. Great initiative there!!! And à propos, talking about healthy food kids accept and even love, I want to share with you a recipe of mine, for Challah-Bread with 70% whole wheat flour, which my children absolutely love, especially at our familial Shabbat dinners. It tastes good, it looks good, and you wouldn’t tell the difference from white flour. 100% whole wheat is inedible in our opinion and NOT FUN to work with…
    So check this out and let me know what you think.

  4. Thank you so much, Blair! Having dealt with dairy allergy for both babies and now soy and egg and dairy for the most recent babe, learning to cook without milk ingredients and soy has been a real challenge, but this round up proves we all can enjoy cookies and cake (and lots of yummy other treats) easily! Thank you so much, Blair. Love everything about this post!

  5. Awesome Round up Blair and a great resource for moms looking for some dinner ideas for their families with food allergies all in one convenient location. Thanks so much for including our Stove Top Chicken Fajitas Sliders in your round up. Wishing you and your family a very safe and happy holiday.

  6. This is such an amazing Round Up. And a very useful source for moms. Thank you so much for including my recipe. Pinning and sharing it. 🙂