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G drinking hot choc

On Wednesday of this week, we had a major snowstorm blow through Central Virginia, leaving us with about a foot of heavy, wet snow. It was so deep that the boys couldn’t even enjoy it on the day that it fell. We tried sledding, but they couldn’t walk 2 steps without falling. So, when it was 50 degrees and sunny on Thursday afternoon, the snow began to melt and we ventured outside for some fun. As always, the kids gravitated towards the puddles…with trucks in hand.

trucks in puddles

Needless to say, there was a lot of splashing and mud involved in this little activity. And after playing in puddles of melting snow, Gibbs was ready to come inside, warm up, and enjoy some marshmallows…with a little hot chocolate on the side!

G Marshmallows in Hot Chocolate

In addition to the 50 degree temps and the seedlings sitting in mini pots on my dining room table, there are two additional reasons that I know we’re thawing out and spring just HAS to come soon.

(1) Half of the boys’ sweatpants now have holes in the knees. Every day, it seems a new hole appears. They’ve literally worn them out! I refuse to go out and buy new winter clothes at this point in the season, so spring better get here soon. We have clean, non-tattered shorts folded neatly in our drawers…just waiting to meet those spring mud puddles!

(2) The field mice have obviously run out of seeds and other winter food that they stashed away for the cold weather. In hunger and desperation, they have decided to join us in our warm home, where they might…just might encounter a crumb or two on the kitchen floor. Let’s just say our mouse traps have been busy recently. Time for the bugs, blossoms, and seeds to return outdoors so that our rodent neighbors can return to where they came from, enjoying their typical mouse fare rather than Oreo crumbs and Rice Krispies.


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