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In between play at the “construction site,”


and visiting with our neighbors,

petting horse

we’re spending some time this week discussing Arctic Animals.

Our first stop was a look at penguins. We read a cute book about penguins (more on that later), and then turned on the movie, March of the Penguins.

While we watched the penguins waddle across the arctic, we sat down to make penguins of our own.

B penguin

I prepared the paper cut-outs in advance so that the boys could just glue the penguin parts together.

Casey penguins

Casey did a little bit of gluing, but was more interested in putting penguin stickers on his paper. More age appropriate, I think!

C stickers


I used black paper cups for our penguins’ bodies, which I picked up at our local dollar store. I then traced the large opening of the cup onto white paper to get a perfectly-sized penguin tummy! I also traced the oval bottom of the glue bottle to make my penguins’ wings. Add some orange paper feet, a beak, and some eyes, and the bird is complete. Elmer’s glue held it all together.

G penguins

Gibbs had fun with the glue! Maybe a little bit too much fun…

G penguin

Gibbs’s final product – with lots, and lots of glue!

Here are the supplies that you need to make one Paper Cup Penguin:

  • 1 black paper cup
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 2 orange feet and 1 orange beak cut from 1 piece of orange construction paper
  • 2 black wings cut from 1 piece of black construction paper
  • 1 white circle cut from 1 piece of white paper

B outside


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  1. Emily Venckus says:

    Just a friendly note so that kids learn the correct facts…Penguins are NOT arctic animals. They reside solely in the Southern Hemisphere and live in South America, the Galapagos Islands, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica!

    1. Blair says:

      Thanks, Emily!

  2. eyal says:

    hi can i use the pinguin photo in a text book we are publishing in litrature?

  3. Rajender says:

    Cute Penguin’s
    nice and easy to make