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Hi, friends! We survived Virginia’s blizzard and we’re looking forward to some sunnier weather in the coming days. Are you ready to see what we’ve been up to…even when we were cooped up inside for a few days?!

Gibbs and Casey both had school holidays on Monday and Tuesday, so we spent Monday afternoon in Charlottesville running a variety of errands. We went for a walk with Aunt Barbara,


stopped at the mall for new shoes for Gibbs (and snacks at Auntie Anne’s),



and saw the pediatrician for Gibbs’s 6-year-old check-up!



If you saw last week’s Recap, then you probably recall my dry-hands quandary. Well, I’m glad to say that Aunt Barbara came to the rescue (again!) when she brought me this set of Crabtree & Evelyn lotions. They’re really great — not too greasy, but very moisturizing. I love the Summer Hill scent!


On Tuesday morning we bounced off some of our energy at Jump Cville!




and refueled with subs for lunch!


Thanks to plenty of jumping (and a full tummy), Spence took an extra-long afternoon nap…giving me time to make (and photograph) this Stovetop Chuckwagon Mac that we later reheated for dinner. Recipe coming soon, since it was completely devoured by every single one of my boys!

Stovetop Chuckwagon Mac 7

Wednesday morning started off perfectly — with a front row train sighting in Orange on the way to Casey’s preschool. My younger two boys were in HEAVEN.


While Casey was in school for a couple of hours, Spence and I spent the morning up in Culpeper running errands. With the promise of a huge snowfall on Friday, all of Central Virginia seemed to be at the grocery store stocking up on milk and bread!


Snack break at the coffee shop!


And when we picked up Casey from school at noon, he had no appetite for lunch (odd!) and none of his usual spunk (very odd!). When I got him home I quickly realized that he had a fever, so he spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch resting (INCREDIBLY odd!).

As a result, Thursday was very quiet in our house. We avoided the crazy last-minute snowstorm shoppers and stayed close to home. While Gibbs was at school, Spence played,


Casey napped (!!!) and/or just rested on the couch, and I got some work done. I ate this delicious Ranch Tuna Melt for lunch,

Ranch Tuna Melt 1

and then snacked on this new mix on the way to get Gibbs. It was really good! It wouldn’t fill me up for breakfast (as it suggests on the bag), but it worked well as a snack-on-the-go. I often make my own cereal/nut mixes, so this was a nice (and very convenient) change. Not sponsored at all — I bought it with my own money at the grocery store because I’m a sucker for cereal, nuts, and salted caramel…especially when they’re all combined! ?


By Friday morning, Casey was feeling better…but schools were cancelled due to the impending blizzard. I snuck out early that morning before the rest of the family was awake so that I could squeeze in a 30-minute treadmill session before we were house-bound for a few days. Stretching afterwards…

(these are my new leggings from Fabletics this month in “Retro Print.” I LOVE them — the higher waist is great because you don’t have to worry about bending over, sagging, or the dreaded “muffin top!” ?)


We entertained ourselves at home in the morning with some arts and crafts, trains, and other indoor stuff.


For lunch I tried this free sample of Campbell’s single-serve soup that you brew in the Keurig machine.


And the verdict?! Well, it was definitely NOT comparable to homemade soup. It wasn’t bad, but it also didn’t have a ton of flavor. It reminded me a lot of ramen noodle cups. Would I buy it with my own money? Probably not. But if I was living in a dorm or needed a quick snack at the office, it would come in very handy. It’s certainly convenient, and it was a cozy option on a snow day. It’s not a meal, though — I had to pair it with a peanut butter and jelly English muffin and some fruit for a more satisfying lunch.

(By the way, does it count as a business expense if I get manicures for the sake of my blog photos?! ?)


Once the snow started falling early afternoon, Keith came home from work.


We did our best to entertain 3 energetic and bored boys with pistachios (make them WORK for their snack!) and a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


Spence had fun with this road tape that he got for Christmas, too. Great indoor activity!



On Saturday morning, Gibbs woke up with the same fever and stomach bug that Casey had earlier in the week. He spent the day on the couch watching movies like Harry Potter, while the rest of us hibernated indoors and watched the snow fall. I drank plenty of coffee, stayed warm in yoga pants and THE SOFTEST, COZIEST TOP EVER, and kept busy with recipe creation in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Casey and Spence worked on coloring mural-sized dinosaur pictures,


peeling Star Wars stickers,


and jump-jump-jumping (among other antics).


To say we were getting stir-crazy would be an understatement. Keith and I even managed to move our bodies a little bit thanks to the stepper (Keith) and a walking DVD (me). Unfortunately for you, Keith wouldn’t let me take any photos for the internet! ?

When the snow finally stopped falling at about 3:00 p.m., Keith and the younger boys headed out to investigate and to shovel some paths out of the house. We had some huge drifts, and then some other spots where the snow didn’t accumulate at all. I think we got about 18-20 inches, though (and that’s more than enough to shut down Central Virginia for a long time!). Spence just kept saying, “deep!” “deep!”



We had some Slow Cooker Italian Sausages with Peppers and Onions for dinner, and then called it an early night.

Slow Cooker Italian Sausages with Peppers and Onions 1

Today we’re just planning to dig out! With the storm past us, we’ll get outside and shovel and get some fresh air. I hope everyone is safe and warm! Have a great week ahead!


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