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In honor of Arbor Day, which is coming up on April 26, we are learning all about trees this week. This is a topic that Gibbs has been requesting for months, so I knew that I better come up with something fun to get the week started, and this Tree Scavenger Hunt did not disappoint!

Tree Scavenger Hunt

My boys tolerate (and even sometimes enjoy) crafts, and they have a great time quietly reading books. But what they really love is when we have an activity that gets them outside, running, and learning – all at the same time. Today we accomplished that goal, despite the rainy, chilly weather.

I started by putting together a list of the different types of trees in our yard, which totaled about 14 different species. I selected 6 of these trees in order to keep the activity manageable, and then copied and pasted photos of the trees from Google Images into a Microsoft Word document.

List 1

You will notice that I included a variety of trees that all look quite different (therefore making the “hunt” a little easier). I also tried to find an image of the larger tree, as well as the leaves, fruits, or other small distinguishing features.

List 2

Gibbs’s job was to find each type of tree in our yard, touch the tree, and then cross it off of his list with his marker.

While I knew that he has an interest in trees, I was shocked by how easy this activity was for him. He has obviously been listening when his Daddy preaches!

The Hunter began by studying his list (very seriously, of course).

Studying List

He checked off the Sycamore first, since he identified it instantly.

“Those are the Sycamore balls, Mommy!”

Checking Sycamore

He then recognized the pine cones and the greenery of the Cedar Trees, and was quickly able to check those off his list as well.


Meanwhile, don’t forget about Little Brother! Casey was having a blast…even though he was not the least bit interested in identifying trees.

C following

Instead, Casey tagged along while mowing the grass…

C lawnmower

and carting his wheelbarrow.

C wheelbarrow

Traipsing all over our property while Gibbs worked his way through his list.

At the Willow Tree…

G in willow

and over to the Peach Trees.

Peach tree (2)

Once he was finished, he insisted on double-checking his records.

Checking off list

He just couldn’t believe that there weren’t more trees to locate.

checking list at end

I guess next time I better include all 14 species on the Tree Scavenger Hunt. How dare I try to simplifying things!


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  1. Ronald Gagnon says:

    14 different species of trees in your yard….you must own an acreage…I hope that cute little guy finds them all…we only have 2 types so I am afraid we can’t do this…great idea though

    1. Blair says:

      Hi, Ronald. We do have a fairly large property, but you could try this in a park or on a local hiking trail, too!