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Aunt Bee’s Dump and Bake Beef Stew is an easy comfort food dinner that you can throw together in just minutes. Full of nutritious and hearty ingredients, it’s a great way to get a meal on the table when you don’t have time to cook!

Dump and Bake Beef Stew

We all have recipes that just remind us of home, right? One of my mom’s go-to dinners on cool evenings was always Beef Stew. It was a one-pot supper that she knew we would all devour.

Dump and Bake Beef Stew 4

And guess what? Now that I’m an adult, I find that I’m doing the same thing: throwing together a classic and wholesome dinner that my boys love. I know that the meat, potatoes, and veggies will keep everyone full, nourished, and happy. And the best part? There’s virtually no effort required on my part!

When I say “dump and bake,” I really mean it!

Dump and Bake Beef Stew 2

You just combine the raw ingredients in a dish, cover it, and bake it for a few hours. You don’t have to stir it, think about it, or worry about it until it’s completely ready to serve. Voila!

Dump and Bake Beef Stew 10

Retro classics like this Beef Stew stand the test of time for a reason: because they’re delicious! And when my great Aunt Bee sent me her long-loved recipe for the dish, I instantly knew that it would become a regular in our family’s dinner rotation as well. How could it not?! It’s just SO EASY!

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Dump and Bake Beef Stew 6

I’m sharing this recipe with my friends over at Recipe Lion, so be sure to click HERE for the full details!

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  1. Heading over to grab the recipe, because it looks absolutely amazing, Blair! And there’s barely any effort needed? Exactly my style! 🙂 Love it & Pinned!!

  2. Hi Blair, This looks delicious and can’t wait to try it. I do have one question, could you do this in the crock pot? and if so how long would you have to cool it for and what temp.? Thanks for any help you can give me. 🙂

    1. Hi, Joann! Yes, I definitely think that you could make this in the slow cooker! That said, I’ve never actually tried it that way. 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that it will turn out delicious if you cook it on low for 6-8 hours! Let me know if you give it a try. 🙂

  3. I’ve been loving your dump-and-bake freezer recipes. I make them in small foil pans for my elderly father. Any chance this one could be adapted for the freezer? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Kathy! I’m so glad that the dump-and-bake recipes have been helpful! Yes, I think that you could definitely combine all of the ingredients, store in a Ziploc bag, and use it as a freezer meal. Then dump the bag into a casserole dish and cover before baking. Alternatively, you could use those disposable foil pans to freeze the dish, and then your father wouldn’t have to do anything other than bake it when ready. He could even put it directly from the freezer to the oven (if using one of the foil pans), but he would probably need to add a couple of hours to the cooking time if starting from frozen. This would also work in a Crock Pot, if that’s easier for him.