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Looking for a fun Easter Activity for Kids? These Easter Eggs-ercises are a great way to celebrate the holiday while getting your little ones up and moving!

Container of plastic easter eggs with exercises included and a text overlay

If you hadn’t already noticed, my boys have a lot of energy. That’s why I lean more and more towards activities that keep them on-the-go rather than sitting quietly at a table. After a morning spent trying to behave themselves at preschool, I know better than to ask them to perform sedentary tasks at home!

I credit the kids’ teacher at school for this particular inspiration. She did something similar last year, which Gibbs came home raving about. While I don’t know the details about the classroom activity, I was definitely encouraged to come up with my own at-home version for this year.

To start, you’ll need a dozen plastic Easter eggs in a used egg carton.

Easter Eggs-ercises 3

In each egg you will insert an activity. It can be anything, but here is the list that I printed off, then cut into strips:

Easter Eggs-ercises 2

The kids took turns opening one egg at a time. Casey read us the numbers on each paper, while Gibbs worked to sound out the words.

Easter Eggs-ercises Casey Opening Egg

They had SO much fun with this and we have repeated it many times since! Here are a few snapshots of our pencil rolls, giant leaps, backwards steps, and even Spencer’s attempt at a somersault!

Easter Eggs-ercises Boys

This is a great spring activity because you can do it inside on a rainy afternoon (like us), or take it outdoors when you see that warm sunshine! Have a great holiday!


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  1. So much fun, especially if Easter turns out to be a rainy day. I like those snacks too. So glad you shared with us at Merry Monday. Pinning to my Easter board.

  2. This is such a fun way to have the kids do something active for Easter. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. Pinned.

  3. Hi Blair,
    This is such a wonderful idea! Can I share it with my readers with credit and link back to your post?
    Thank You!

  4. Blair, this will be my second year of doing this with my 4 year old grandson. Just thought I would share with you some of my ideas to add to the list. I incorporated a couple of yours that I didn’t already have. Thanks for this post.

  5. Silly me…
    Do 7 bunny hops
    Do 5 jumping jacks
    Walk backwards around Grandpa
    Stand on one foot & count to 5
    Do a crazy dance
    Waddle like a penquin
    Make Daddy show you how to do a crab walk
    Shake each leg – Shake arms – Shake head – Now shake everything
    Spin around 3 times
    Sing Head & Shoulders
    Run to the nearest door & back
    Recite Itsy Bitsy Spider w/ the motions
    Do the Hokey Pokey w/ Mama (while she sings)
    Walk like a bear
    Stomp like an elephant
    Leap like a frog
    Shake your bunny tail
    Do 4 ninja kicks

    1. So many great choices. Thank you for the idea of incorporating the adults in with the activities. Blessed be

  6. I’m babysitting 2 7-year-old girls but they are very unenthusiastic about exercise. How can I persuade them into doing this without bribery or sweets? How can I make this exciting for them?

    1. Hi! I would just call it a “game” — don’t even mention exercise or being active. Turn on some fun music and get them to play an Easter game with you — maybe that would help!

  7. I was looking for a fun but semi-active game to do at my daughter’s preschool Easter party. I wanted the kids to get some energy out but not go crazy since we will be inside the classroom with other centers going on as well. This is perfect!!! Thank you so much for this and to the others who gave additional suggestions to put in the eggs.

    For the party I am going to take a colored spinner and the kids will spin and pick the egg color that corresponds.