What We’re Doing: Making Snowy Owls

Hoot!  Hoot!  We’re on a roll with arctic birds this week…

Gibbs owl

This project was actually very similar to our penguin craft (i.e., LOTS of glue).


I started with two cans from my pantry.  Today it was Chow Mein Noodles and bread crumbs.  The boys ate the remains of the noodles with their snacks!  My sweet little garbage disposals.

Cans (1)

I then wrapped the cans in construction paper.

wrapped can

Last night, I cut out the various owl parts so that today Gibbs could just glue on the eyes, beak, and wings.  I taped the feet onto the bottom of the can when we were finished.

wings on 1

wings on 2

For the blue owl, I used white construction paper for the eyes and for the wings.


For Gibbs’s more more authentic white “snowy owl,” the wings and eyes were cut out of grey felt.  It looked (almost) like the owl that we saw in our book, Bedtime for Little Bears!


Gibbs was moderately interested in the glue for a few minutes, but I’ll be honest: today they were both much more enthusiastic about this new coloring book.

coloring book

Not at all related to Arctic Animals.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!  You win some, you lose some…


The supplies that you will need to make one owl:

    • One can (such as an oatmeal canister, bread crumb container, or anything else in your cabinet)
    • One sheet of orange construction paper (to cut a beak and some feet)
    • One sheet of colored construction paper (to wrap around your can)
    • One sheet of black construction paper (to cut out eyeballs)
    • One sheet of a different color construction paper (to cut out wings and larger eyes)
    • Glue, glue, glue!
    • Tape (to tape on the feet)

both (2)


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