What We’re Doing: Making Paper Bag Cowboy Boots

Yeehaw!  It’s Wild, Wild West week in our house and the boys have had so much fun playing “Cowboys and Indians.”

Casey Horseback

We recently visited some new friends at their horse farm here in Madison, where Casey was thrilled to have his very first pony ride.  Gibbs kept a safe distance and said that he might try riding next time.  For now, he was happy to just rub the big guy’s nose!

Casey Horseback 2

Back indoors, we started the week with a cowboy boot craft, which requires very few supplies since it’s made out of a brown paper shopping bag.

cowboy bott craft 4

I drew the outline of a cowboy boot in pencil on a paper bag, then outlined it and decorated it with a thick black marker.  I cut it out and then used this boot as the pattern to cut a few more.

cowboy boot craft blank

The paper bag is a nice weight to stand up to water color, and since Gibbs loves painting, that’s what he used to decorate his boot.

G painting boot 3

G painting boot

cowboy boot craft 3

Casey preferred crayons and markers.

C boot

cowboy boot craft 2

And I glammed up my sample boot with bright paint colors and glitter glue.  The sky’s the limit here!  I also meant to put aluminum foil spurs on the heel of each boot, but never quite made it that far.  Attention spans are short around here, and we got sidetracked.

cowboy boot craft

More specifically, we got sidetracked by the Wild West figurines that the boys spied in my craft drawer.

Wild West Toob

We instantly had to pull them out and discuss each piece.

G cowboys

They actually served as great learning tools because they prompted a lot of questions.

C cowboys

Of course, the boys were most interested in the covered wagon.  It was the closest thing to a vehicle in the set!  I know that Casey was disappointed that the pioneers did not drive backhoes on their journey West.  That would have been much more fun to play with!

C cowboys 2

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