Spring Craft for Kids: Paper Flower Bouquet

I know that spring has officially arrived in Virginia when I see the daffodils blooming all over the countryside.  There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers peeking through the ground after a long winter.  They are the true hallmark of the season!  So, in our lessons about spring, the boys and I created our own bouquet of spring flowers – out of paper!

spring craft paper flower bouquets

This Paper Flower Bouquet starts with the following cheap, easy-to-find supplies:

Round stickers

Some round dot stickers.  I purchased mine at the local dollar store, but you can also find them at stores like Target, Walmart, or Office Depot.

Green pipecleaners

Some green pipe cleaners,

Flat muffin cup

and a variety of colored paper muffin cups.  And some scissors, too!

Begin by flattening your muffin cups, and then cut slits all of the way around the outside to make your flower’s petals.

Cut slits around edge

Poke a green pipe cleaner through the center of a muffin cup so that it just barely sticks through.

Poke tip of pipecleaner thru

Gibbs could help with this part!

G poking pipecleaner thru

Then remove a round sticker from your sheet…

G pulling off sticker

and press it onto the center of your flower.  It looks nice, but it also helps to hold the pipe cleaner in place.

G putting sticker on flower

Yellow dot in center

Then just put your bouquet of flowers into a vase or glass jar for display.  The perfect Spring Craft for Kids: a Paper Flower Bouquet!  Mess-free, glue-free, and super-fast!


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