Easter Egg Snack

Easter season is in full swing at our house and this is BY FAR the boys’ favorite activity so far.  It also happens to be the easiest.  I just love when simple = better!  Try it at your house: I guarantee that this Easter Egg Snack will be a big hit!

Easter Egg Snack

You can probably tell exactly what I did just by looking at the photos.  I saved the egg cartons that we used for our Easter Candy Counting Game and this time I filled them with small plastic Easter eggs.  I hid a few little snacks in each egg.  I used 6 different items that I pulled out of our pantry.  These are just snack foods that we have on hand and that fit into the eggs…really, anything goes!  Here’s what was inside:

– Almonds

– Goldfish

– Cheese cubes

– Grapes

– Easter M&M’s (left-over from our candy game)

– Teddy Grahams

The excitement in the boys’ voices as they were opening each egg was contagious.  It’s amazing how this little twist on snack time can completely transform their attitude towards some of their standard fare!


In fact, the boys loved this “egg game” so much that they ask for it every day.  We’ve done it a few more times since these photos were snapped, and each time I switch some of the foods inside (I have to keep these guys on their toes!).  The anticipation is the best part for them!  I’ve used baby carrots, fruit snacks, graham Goldfish, and berries as well.


They were so intense during this entire eating session that I couldn’t even get them to look up for the camera.  These kids take their food seriously!



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      Hi, Rach! Yes! Kids definitely eat better with fewer options and smaller portion sizes. My kids loved this little treat so much…we’ve repeated it over and over in the past couple of weeks!


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